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AFC Handley Page 0/400
1 Sqn, AFC

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Handley Page 0/400 of 1 Sqn dwarfs the Bristol Fighters parked with it.  via Rod Farquhar.


Handley Page 0/400 Image Gallery



Aircraft Serial Type Aircraft History
C9681 0/400 To TrgBde RAF,
29/08/1918 To
1 Sqn, AFC,
22/11/1918 To TrgBde RAF.

Handley Page 0/400 
Photo via John A Parker  Handley Page 0/400 of 1 Sqn dwarfs the Bristol Fighters parked with it.  via Rod Farquhar.  Running up the 0/400s port RR engine.
 via Rod Farquhar.  Handley Page 0/400 C9700 
via Malcolm McCarthy 


Additionally, RAF Handley Page 0/400 C9700 was flown by Ross Smith on the first flight from Egypt to India although it was not on Charge with an Australian Unit.

The Authors of this page are Brendan Cowan & Mark Lax

Sources: Australian Military Aircraft 1909-1918, Keith Isaacs, AWM, Men & Machines of the Australian Flying Corps 1914-1919, Charles Schaedel, High Adventure, A.H.Cobby, British Military Aircraft Serials 1911-1979, Bruce Robertson, One Airman's War: Aircraft Mechanic Joe Bull's Personal Diaries 1916-1919, Banner Books, Maryborough, 1997, Mark Lax.

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Updated 27 August 2013


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