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Victa Airtourer 100 VH-MFO RAAF East Sale Mid 1980's Brendan Cowan


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  This 1965 Victa Airtourer 100 VH-MFO (C/N 132) has had an unusual association with the RAAF having been owned at one time by SQNLDR Jeff Trappett while he was posted to the Central Flying School at RAAF East Sale. A few years after it had passed from his ownership, it was acquired by the Department of Defence/RAAF Museum who owned it from 14th of February 1984 until it passed to Lars Larson 30 May 1996.

This aircraft seems to have suffered several mishaps only to be repaired and returned to the skies each time.

I photographed it in the mid 1980's at RAAF East Sale in the CFS hangar along with the CT-4's on charge there at the time.

As you can see, it's was operated in a Fanta Can scheme similar to the CFS CT-4a fleet at RAAF East Sale with a CFS crest on the fin and the round marking under the windscreen is a Roulettes sticker popular at the time ( I had the same one on the back of my 1975 Toyota Corona at the time!).

Does any one have any information and/or photos relating to this aircraft or any others like it?

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Registration Type c/n Aircraft History
VH-MFO Airtourer 100 132

Manufactured 1965,
30/07/1965 First registered as VH-MFO,
to Mid Murray Flying Club at Swan Hill, Victoria,
It was finished in white with the classic Victa stripe in green,
27/07/1970 Registered to Civil Flying Services P/L at Moorabbin, Victoria,
12/08/1970 Registered to Desailly & Son of Dunkeld Vic,
30/07/1971 Registered to Francis.C.Desailly. of Dunkeld, Vic,
10/10/1972 Registered to Rolf.H.A.Probst. of Rowville, Victoria,
20/11/1973 Registered to Camden Aviation Sales & Service P/L of Camden, NSW,
04/03/1974 Registered to Ian.W.Edenborough. of Beaumaris, Victoria,
28/11/1974 Registered to Peter.R.Shepherd. of Sale, Victoria,
01/12/1975 Registered to David.F.Smith. of Sale, Victoria,
23/03/1977 Registered to Jeffrey.P.Trappett. c/o RAAF Base East Sale,Victoria,
09/01/1978 Substantially damaged in an accident at East Sale, Victoria,
23/06/1979 Substantially damaged whilst taxying (hit a hole in the ground whilst taxying over unsuitable ground),
19/04/1982 Registered to Michael.J.Hewson. of East Sale, Victoria,
14/02/1984 Registered to Dept of Defence/RAAF Museum address as East Sale, Victoria,
Operated in the mid 1980's RAAF East Sale in the "Fanta Can" scheme,
06/07/1995 Substantially damaged in a heavy landing at West Sale, Victoria,
From Casa Incident Report :

"The student pilot was on his second solo training flight, having completed a one hour dual training flight immediately beforehand. He reported that on his last landing, which he considered to have been possibly a little heavy, he had heard a crunching noise from the nosegear. Realising that the nosegear was damaged, he tried to keep the nose up as the aircraft decelerated, hoping to minimise damage to the propeller. However, as the aircraft slowed, the nose dropped and the propeller struck the runway. Inspection of the failed nosegear revealed it had failed as a result of the previous heavy landing."

30/05/1996 Registered to Lars.E.Larson. of Williamstown, Victoria,
01/10/2000 Registered to Paul.E.Auriac. trading as Planet Aviation of Yeppoon, Qld,
04/05/2003 Substantially damaged on landing at Dululu Qld and rolled over supposedly caused by a dust devil,
24/05/2006 Registered to Benjamin.B.Hart. of Wandal, Qld.

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