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Air Training Corps Cessna 172 Skyhawk

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Cessna 172D 
Photo John Streeter 
via Greg Thom


Cessna 172 Image Gallery

  During the 1980's, the Air Training Corps operated an all yellow Cessna 172 (universally known as the "Yellow Peril") marked with "Type D" Roundels and the words "AIR CADETS" in black on the fuselage sides in Victoria.

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Registration Type c/n Aircraft History
VH-DIN Cessna 172D 17250522 Manufactured 1963,
First Registered N2922U to Cessna Aircraft Co, Wichita, Kansas, USA,
08/02/1963 N2922U Cancelled as exported to Australia,
24/10/1963 Registered VH-DIN Tasmanian Aero Club of Launceston,
March 1964 Flown by G.W.Thorne in the Ansett Air Race from Brisbane as entrant 129,
14/10/1969 Forced Landing Launceston (damaged tailplane and rear fuselage) - See CASA Investigation Number
1973 Sold by Tasmanian Aero Club of Launceston,
23/02/1973 Registered to Arthur Barber of Cheltenham, Victoria,
16/01/1974 Registered to William Suhr of Cheltenham, Victoria,
24/10/1975 Registered to Ian Edenborough of Ivanhoe Victoria,
26/08/1976 Registered to Trevor Cruse of North Ballarat, Victoria,
12/09/1977 Registered to Steve Chaplin of Apollo Bay, Victoria,
05/04/1979 Registered to Kenneth Strange of Kilmore, Victoria,
18/01/1980 Registered to Brian Murphy of Footscray, Victoria,
16/03/1981 Struck off the Register as Withdrawn from Use,
30/10/1981 Returned to Register as VH-DIN to Air Training Corps, Victorian Squadron, West Melbourne Victoria,
Early 1980's Operated in "AIR CADETS" Markings for the Air Training Corps,
16/07/1998 Registered to Rosemary Arkcoll of Mount Martha,Victoria,
17/09/1998 Registered to Allan Schwarze, Tyabb, Victoria,
01/06/2006 Registration to the new CASA system with Mr Allan Schwarze as both Registration Holder and Operator.

Cessna 172 
Point Cook 
21st August 1983 
Photo Brendan Cowan


Cessna 172 
Point Cook 
21st August 1983 
Photo Brendan Cowan


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