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ADF Mil Mi-26T Halo

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  Mi-26 on lease to ADF from PME International-Vertical T

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Registration Construction
Type. Aircraft History
RA-06274 34001212502 M-26T  From March 2011, the ADF in Afghanistan has exclusive rights to a leased Mi-26T Halo heavy lift helicopter provided by PME International-Vertical T, enabling deployed forces to be less reliant on road transport .
The aircraft is leased through DynCorp (Australia) but owned and operated by the Russian firm Vertical-T.
The contract was signed in December 2010 and commenced operations on 12/03/2011.
The initial contract expired on 31/12/2012 and was re-tendered and was renewed from January 2013 for a further six months at a cost of $9m.
This contract allowed for 50 flying hours per month with a surge to 88 hours if required.
The contract included three four-month extension option and the first two options have been executed extending operations to February 2014.
The aircraft is nicknamed "Kordova" which is Russian for "Cow".

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Video of RA-06374 lifting US Chinook


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Source: Australian Aviation No311 December 2013, Sydney Morning Herald 06 May 2013,


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