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Army and RAN N52 Airbus Helicopters EC135 T2+

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Airbus EC.135 T2+
N52-001 as VH-AQG
31st March 2016


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  Under Project AIR 9000 Phase 7 Helicopter Aircrew Training System (HATS), 15 EC135 T2+ helicopters were ordered for delivery from 2015.

In  October 2014, the Department of Defence selected a Boeing/Thales team to deliver its HATS capability, which will provide instruction for army and navy aviation personnel using a new fleet of aircraft, plus flight simulators and a sea-going training vessel. A contract for the service was signed in November 2014.

Flying is due to begin in 2016 to support Contractor courseware development and initial instructor training.  Helicopter ab initio student training should commence in early 2018 to achieve initial operating capability by the end of that year.

Once introduced, the contractor-provided EC135 T2+ fleet will replace Bell Kiowas operated by the Army, and the Navy's AS350 Squirrels.

The EC135 fleet will be delivered between 2016 and 2017 to be operated by the ADF Joint Helicopter School from HMAS Albatross, Nowra.

The first three aircraft to be delivered will be allotted VH registrations prior to being placed on the military register, with the balance of the airframes to road transported to Nowra an arrival into Australia for assembly and storage until a military Special Flying Permit is issued.

Aircraft Serial Code Aircraft Type. Const/No.
Delivery Registration Aircraft History
N52-001 841 EC135 T2+ 1179 D-HECG
Built 2015,
16/01/2015 First flight at Airbus Helicopters’ Donauwörth site in Germany.
05/02/2016 Registered VH-AQG to Boeing Defence Australia,
Assembled at Bankstown, NSW.
31/03/2016 Delivered HMAS Albatross

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N52-002 842 EC135 T2+ 1211 D-HECJ
Built 2016,
27/05/2016 Registered VH-ACY to Boeing Defence Australia,
20/06/2016 N52-002/VH-ACY noted with N52-003/VH-ARL outside the Airbus Helicopters hangar at Bankstown.
In Service 723 Sqn RAN as Taipan 42.
N52-003 843 EC135 T2+ 1212 D-HECK
Built 2016,
15/03/2016 Noted at Airbus helicopters Donauwörth for final inspection and customer handover,
27/05/2016 Registered VH-ARL to Boeing Defence Australia,
20/06/2016 N52-003/VH-ARL noted with N52-002/VH-ACY outside the Airbus Helicopters hangar at Bankstown,
N52-004 844 EC135 T2+ 1214 D-HECF Built 2016,
15/03/2016 Noted at Airbus helicopters Donauwörth in flight test.
N52-005 845 EC135 T2+ 1217 D-HECO Built 2016,
15/03/2016 Noted at Airbus helicopters Donauwörth in flight test.
N52-006 846 EC135 T2+ 1218 TBA Built 2016,
15/03/2016 Noted at Airbus helicopters Donauwörth on production line.
N52-007 847 EC135 T2+ 1226 TBA Built 2016,
15/03/2016 Noted at Airbus helicopters Donauwörth on production line.
N52-008 848 EC135 T2+ 1229 TBA On order.
N52-009 849 EC135 T2+ 1232 TBA On order.
N52-010 850 EC135 T2+ 1234 TBA On order.
N52-011 851 EC135 T2+ 1237 TBA On order.
N52-012 852 EC135 T2+ 1239 TBA On order.
N52-013 853 EC135 T2+ 1240 TBA On order.
N52-014 854 EC135 T2+ 1242 TBA On order.
N52-015 855 EC135 T2+ 1243 TBA On order.

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Updated 3rd August 2017


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