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RAAF Piper PA-28 Cherokee Archer & Warrior

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Piper PA-28 Warrior 
3rd April 2014 
Photo Matt Henderson


Piper PA-28 Image Gallery

Registration Type Construction/Number Aircraft History
VH-HTM PA28-181

Archer II

28-79900099 Manufactured 1979,
19/03/1992 First Registered in Australia,
18/06/2011 Registered VH-HTM to the Commonwealth of Australia, HQ 325 Expeditionary Combat Support, Richmond NSW.

Piper PA-28 Archer II 

VH-BVM PA28-161



Manufactured 1977,
09/06/1988 First Registered in Australia,
20/03/2008 Registered VH-HTM to John Lewis Lightfoot, Avalon, NSW.

Piper PA-28 Warrior 
3rd April 2014 
Photo Matt Henderson

Note, this aircraft is not known to have a military connection, but wears an RAAF style "Fanta Can" colour scheme and kangaroo roundels. Further information would be appreciated.

VH-TKB PA28-181

Archer II

28-7890347 Manufactured 1978,
Registered N3983M to 14/07/2014,
20/09/1978 First Registered in Australia,
20/04/2007 Registered VH-TKB to Desmond Ryan and operated by the Commonwealth of Australia, RAAF Base Williamtown, NSW.

Piper PA-28 Archer II VH-TKB photo via Brendan Cowan


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