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RAAF & ADF Series 3
1961 Onwards

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Aircraft History Page Image Gallery Aircraft History Page Image Gallery
A1 - Bell 47G Sioux Army Bell 47G3B-1 A1-40x Locn Unknown C1970 - Photographer Unknown - via Wal Nelowkin (Rare Image - on Floats) A2 - Bell UH-1B/H Iroquois Highlight for Album: Iroquois A2-377
A3 - Dassault/GAF Mirage IIIO/IIID

ex RAAF Mirages in Pakistan service

Highlight for Album: Mirage III A3-78 A4 - de Havilland DHC.4 Caribou Highlight for Album: Caribou A4-204
A5 - Sud Aviation Alouette III Highlight for Album: Sud Alouette III A5-167 A6 - Vickers Viscount Highlight for Album: Viscount A6-436
A7 - CAC CA-30/MB-326H Macchi A8 - General Dynamics F111A/C/G & RF111C Highlight for Album: F-111 A8-128
A9 - Lockheed P-3B/C Orion A9-291 A10 - British Aerospace HS748 Highlight for Album: HS748 N15-709
A11 - Dassault Mystere 20 Mystere A11-078 
RAAF Fairbairn  
24th February 1984. A12 - British Aerospace BAC111 BAC-111 A12-125
RAAF Fairbairn 
Photo via Wal Nelowkin
A13 - Link Trainer A13-157. Held by Dom Serong. A14 - Pilatus PC-6B Porter Highlight for Album: Porter A14-690
A15 - Boeing CH-47C/D/F Chinook Highlight for Album: Chinook A15-003 A16 - Bell AH-1 Cobra (Not taken up)
A16 used as Technical Maintenance Code for the RAN N16 - Westland Sea King Mk.50A
A16 - Bell AH-1 Cobra (Not taken up)
Image via Brendan Cowan
A17 - CAC CA-32/Bell 206B/OH-58A Kiowa Highlight for Album: Kiowa A17-029 A18 - GAF Nomad N22B/N24A Highlight for Album: Nomad-A18-318
A19 - AESL CT-4A/B Airtrainer Highlight for Album:  CT-4 A19-027 A20 - Boeing 707 Tanker/Transport Highlight for Album: Boeing 707 A20-623
A21 - McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A/B Hornet Highlight for Album: Hornet A21-7 A22 - Aerospatiale AS350B Squirrel A22-005 with Airforce on the tail and A22-006. Photograph by Glenn Alderton.
A23 - Pilatus PC-9A Highlight for Album: PC-9A A23-058 A24 - Not allocated, see
N24 Sikorsky SH-70 Seahawk
Highlight for Album: Seahawk N24-014
A25 - Sikorsky S-70A Black Hawk A25-208. Cabin area of 208, Edinburgh Open Day 2002. Photograph by Rod Farquhar. A26 - Dassault Falcon 900 Highlight for Album: Falcon 900 A26-076
A27 - British Aerospace Hawk 127 Highlight for Album: Hawk A27-31 A28 - Not allocated, see
N28 BAE MQM-107E Kalkara
N28-013 or 015 at Jervis Bay 2003
A29 - Not allocated, see
N29 Kaman SH-2G Seasprite
Seasprite N29-161656 
February 2001 A30 - Boeing 737 Wedgetail. Highlight for Album: WedgetailA30-004
A31 - Not allocated.
A-31 used as the Technical Maintenance Code for the RAN
N13 - Douglas A-4G Skyhawk
Highlight for Album: Skyhawk N13-155063 (876) A32 - Beech King Air 200/350 Highlight for Album: King Air A32-349
A33 - Not allocated.
A-33 used as Technical Maintenance Code for the RAN N7 - Westland Wessex HAS31
Highlight for Album: Wessex N7-226 (836) A34 - Alenia C-27J Spartan Highlight for Album: C-27J Spartan A34-001
A35 - Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II F-35A A35-001 
First Flight 
30th September 2014 A36 - Boeing B737 BBJ Highlight for Album: Boeing BBJ 
A37 - Bombardier Challenger 604 Challenger A37-002. Avalon 2007. Darren Crick A38 - Eurocopter Tiger Highlight for Album: Tiger A38-013
A39 - Airbus KC-30A (A330) MRTT Airbus KC-30A A39-003
Hornet A21-101
18th November 2011 A40 - NH Industries MRH-90 Highlight for Album: MRH-90 A40-015
A41 - Boeing C-17A Globemaster Highlight for Album: Globemaster A41-210 A42 - Not allocated, see
N42 - Augusta A109E Power
Highlight for Album: Agusta N42-129
A43 - RQ-7B Shadow 200 UAV RQ-7 Shadow
A43-549 A44 - Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet Highlight for Album: Super Hornet A44-202
A45 - Israeli Aircraft Industries IAI Heron UAV Highlight for Album: Heron A45-262 A46 - Boeing EA-18G Growler


EA-18G A46-301 
Photo Boeing
A47 - Boeing P-8A Poseidon


P-8A Poseidon A47 004 
11th August 2017 
Photo Nathan Rundle A48 - Not allocated, see
N48 MH-60R Seahawk
MH-60R Seahawk
A49 - Not allocated, see
N49 Bell 429 Global Ranger
Highlight for Album: Bell 429 
N49-047 A50 - Possibly reserved for the
Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton
Axx - Global Hawk
Image via Brendan Cowan
A51 - Possibly reserved for the
Gulfstream G550
Gulfstream G550 
August 2015 
Photo Darren Crick A52 - Not allocated, see
N52 - Airbus EC 135 T2+
Highlight for Album: Airbus EC.135 T2
A53 - Beech 1900c


VH-EMI  Adelaide Airport A54 - Pilatus PC-21 Highlight for Album: Pilatus PC-21
A69 - McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II Highlight for Album: 
Phantom 69-7208
(including Phantom 67-0237 displayed as 69-7208)    

Page Authors: Darren Crick, Brendan Cowan, Martin Edwards & Gordon Branch

Page Updated 19th November 2017


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