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These members of the team are responsible for the co-ordination of the activities of the group and day to day management of our activities and website.

Sponsor Darren Crick (Jan 1998 - Current)
Webmasters Current Webmaster
Brendan Cowan (October 2011 - Current)

Past Webmasters
Darren Crick (Jan 1998 - 2001)
Gordon Clarke (June 2001 - 2010)
Martin Edwards (January 2011 - February 2020)

Newsletter Editors Current Newsletter Editor
Gordon Birkett (2011 - Current)

Past Newsletter Editor
Jan Herivel (Nov 2001 - 2011)

Research Coordinator Gordon Birkett (Sept 2001 - Current)
Finance Coordinator Martin Edwards (May 2003 - February 2020)
Image Gallery Coordinators Martin Edwards (May 2003 - February 2020)
Kas Grigonis (Feb 2017 - Current)
Messageboard Co-ordinator Brendan Cowan (Oct 2005 - Current)
Facebook Admins Brendan Cowan, Colin Turner and Kas Grigonis
Site Promotion Co-ordinator Grahame Higgs (May 2003)
ADF Serials involvement in the PANDORA Project Jan Herivel (Nov 2001)

Image Co-ordinators


Image Co-ordinators seek out, size and label images for use on the website.
All images are used with permission and copyright remains with the photographer.

We have permission to use RAAF Official Images from any source, provided they are correctly labeled and attributed.

Our special thanks go to Darren Crick and Grahame Higgs for setting up the image galleries.

Current Image Coordinators

Kas Grigonis

Past image Coordinators Martin Edwards
Darren Crick
Grahame Higgs



Researchers are specialists the team members can call upon in the first instance for help.

Researchers Main Focus
Gordon Birkett (Sept 2001) WW2 Aircraft
Graeme Edwards (Feb 2001) Warbirds
Len Avery (June 2003) Army Aircraft
Bob Livingstone (June 2003) B-24's and WW2 Aircraft
Phil Herdman (Sept 2003) Northern Territory Airfields and Operations

Aircraft Page Authors and Managers


Page authors are our volunteers who research and update our aircraft pages.

Name Location Joined Pages Authored or Managed
Darren Crick Canberra, ACT January 1998 Hercules (2A97), Iroquois (3A2), Mirage (3A3), Hornet (3A21),and many, many others. Mostly updated now by Martin Edwards, Brendan Cowan and others. Darren is the original founder of this site and remains active as our sponsor.
Gordon Birkett Brisbane, QLD September 2001 Seagull V/Walrus (2A2), Hudson (2A16), Wirraway (2A20), Vengeance (2A27), Spitfire (2A58), Dakota (2A65) and Brewster Buffalo (NZ),
Ron Wynn Hervey Bay, QLD December 2002 Beaufighter (2A8 & 2A19), Catalina (2A24), Mitchell (2A47) and Mosquito (2A52)
Martin Edwards Melbourne, VIC May 2003 Meteor (2A77), Canberra (2A84), Winjeel (2A85),  Sabre (2A94), Vampire (2A78 & 2A79), Iroquois (3A2), Mirage (3A3), F-111 (3A8), CT4 (3A19), PC-9/A (3A23), Airbus MRTT (3A39), , Super Hornet (3A44), Boeing Wedgetail (3A30), IAI Heron UAV (3A45), PC-21 (3A54), Beech 1900, Fokker Friendship, IAI Westwind. Learjet. PNGDF.
Updates to any other pages not currently managed by someone else &
Len Avery   June 2003 Cessna C-180 & O-1A (2A98), Bell Sioux (3A1), Pilatus Turbo Porter (3A14), GAF Nomad (3a18), Eurocopter Tiger (3A38), MRH-90 (3A40), DHC Twin Otter
Dave Masterson NSW May 2004 (RAN Aircraft) - Dave is a massive contributor and great source of information, particularly with RAN Aircraft.
Sea Fury, Sea Venom, Wessex, Seasprite,
Steve Mackenzie Sydney, NSW July 2004 D.H.86 (2A31), Percival Vega Gull (2A32), D.H.89 Dragon Rapide (2A33), D.H.34 Dragon (2A34), Douglas Dolphin (2A53), Fairchild 24 (2A54), Miles Hawk, Falcon & Merlin (2A37), Stinson Reliant (2A38), Beechcraft 17 (2A39), Cessna C34 Airmaster (2A40), D.H.83 Fox Moth (2A41), Lockheed Vega (2A42), D.H.90 Dragonfly (2A43), Junkers G31 & W34 (2A44), Ford Trimotor (2A45), Mustang (2A68) and Lodestar (2A67).
Richard Church London, England Sept. 2004 HS748 (3A10) and BAC111 (3A12).
Brendan Cowan Melbourne, VIC October 2005 CFS page, Airco D.H.5, Airco D.H.6, Avro 504 (1A3), Bristol F.2.b, Bristol Scout, Curtiss Jenny, Handley Page 0/400, Martinsyde G.100 & G.102, B.E.2c/2e, B.E.12/12.a, RAF R.E.8, S.E.5a (1A2), Maurice Farman MF.11 Shorthorn, Sopwith Pup (1A4), Sopwith 3.F.2 Buffalo, Sopwith F.1 Camel, Sopwith 7.F.1 Snipe, Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter, D.H.9 (1A6), Wackett Trainer (2A3), Beaufighters (2A8 & 2A19), Airspeed Oxford (2A25), Auster (2A11), DH.60 (2A7), Fairey Battle (2A22), Avro Lancaster (2A66) Hawker P.1081 (2A86), Fairey Swordfish, Supermarine Swift, Vickers Wellesley, Martin Baltimore, Embraer Bandeirante, RAN Supermarine Spitfire, RAN Vultee Vengeance, Seahawk (3N24), Blackhawk (3A25), PC-9A (3A23) and Hawk 127 (3A27), Bristol Bombay, Grumman Goose, Shart S.26, Bell 412, Miles Magister, CASA 212 Aviocar, Sikorsky MH-60R Seahawk (N48),
Bell 429 Global Ranger (N49), Avro Lincoln (NZ), Brewster Buffalo (NZ), Bristol Blenheim (NZ), Bristol Beaufort (NZ), Supermarine Spitfire (NZ), Vickers Wellington (NZ), Airtourer (NZ), Oxford (NZ), Consul (NZ), Auster (NZ), Foster-Wickner Wicko (NZ), Fokker Friendship (NZ), Fairey Gordon (NZ), Mitsubishi MU-2F (NZ), NH90 (NZ), Agusta A109 (NZ), Seasprite (NZ) and updates to all other pages not currently managed by someone else. Messageboard and Facebook Admin
Joe Barr Canberra, ACT Nov. 2005 RNAS & RAF aircraft on RAN Ships 1917-1919, Sea Otter, Firefly, Seagull V/Walrus (2A2), Avro Anson (2A4), Sycamore (N5).
Col Tigwell Tasmania August 2007 Liberator Page (2A72).
Rod Farquhar Adelaide, SA. August 2007 Avro Lincoln (2A73), Lockheed Orion (3A9)
Dave Best UK. August 2007 Lancaster Page (2A66).
Les Billcliff New Zealand
Tony McDonald Auckland, New Zealand
Avro Lincoln (NZ), Bristol Blenheim (NZ), Bristol Beaufort (NZ), Vickers Wellington (NZ),
"Batman" The Bat Cave October 2011 D.H.9a (1A1), Avro 504 (1A3), S.E.5a (1A2), Sopwith Pup (1A4), D.H.9 (1A6), AAI Corp RQ-7B Shadow 200 (3A43) and contributes to many other AFC and RAAF Series One pages
"The Phantom" The Skull Cave January 2012 Avro Lancaster (NZ), Mosquito (NZ), Short Stirling (NZ), Supermarine Spitfire (NZ) and contributions to many other ADF pages
Glen Reid New Zealand March 2012 
Josh Masterson Sydney, NSW Sept. 2012 Caribou Page (3A4)
Nelson Little "Blackcat" Adelaide, SA. February 2013 Catalina (2A24), New ADF-Serials & NZDF-Serials Logos (May 2013)
Mark "Syd" Harbour Brisbane, QLD April 2013 Douglas Boston (2A28)
Peter May Perth, WA July 2013 Beaufort (2A9)
Gordon Branch Canberra, ACT July 2015 AFC Aircraft and Missing A Numbers
Robert Boyd
Adelaide SA
Link Trainer (2A13)
Colin Turner Canberra, ACT March 2016 Lockheed Neptune (2A89) and Lockheed Hercules (2A87) and Facebook admin
Bert Dugdale Brisbane QLD July 2017 Tiger Moth (2A17)

Past contributors


These people were once active members of the ADF Serials Team and their contributions are very much appreciated.

Carl Tacy Researcher
Gary Norwood Vengeance Page
Gordon Clarke 6/2001 original page author of our Kittyhawk (2A29), Tomahawk, Boomerang (2A46) and Buffalo (2A51) pages
Jan Herivel 11/2001 Jan was the original page author 0f our Beaufort (2A9) page as well as producing the newsletter.
Robert Brosing RAAF Sqn Codes Page
Owen Zupp 10/2002 Owen was the original author of our Meteor page
Allyn Eckford Wackett Page, 07/2003 to 10/2004 - Allyn was forced to give up his position with us due to illness, he passed away in October 2004.
Ivan Prince 11/2002 to 11/2007. Ivan practically single handedly built the amazing NZ Serials website. NZ-Serials lay dormant for approx 4 years and his work is continued today by Les Billcliff, Tony McDonald & Glen Reid (supported by Martin Edwards & Brendan Cowan).
Bob Coppinger From 06/2001, Bob authored and updated our Seahawk, Blackhawk, PC-9A and Hawk 127 pages.
Kevin Smith 09/2002 to 04/2009 (Dakota Page).
LCDR Bob "Windy" Geale Was a great contributor and oracle on thing all things Navy Aircraft from June 2003 until his sad passing in 2010.
Supermarine Seagull III, Sea Fury, Firefly, Sea Venom, Wessex, Northrop KD2R-5, Seasprite, Seagull V/Walrus (2A2)
Wynnum Graham Produced our original Catalina and Mariner pages from 07/2002 and regularly contributed until his sad passing in 2010.
Grahame Higgs May 2003. Original Tiger Moth page author
Andrew Pendergast 2005. Original F-111 page author
Greg Weir 2005. Original Link Trainer page author

Website History and Development


01/1998 - The ADF Serials project was started by Darren Crick.

09/2001 - Updates database was added, which allowed visitors to the site to enter an update or correction to the website. (Now removed)

11/2002 - First ADF Serials Group Newsletter produced by Darren Crick and in December 2002 Jan Herivel became our Newsletter Editor.

11/2002 - Ivan Prince joins the team to build the NZ-Serials website hosted by us, he worked with us until 2007 (5 years).

2003 - Team Admin Group formed with the 3 original members to co-ordinate the groups activities.

2003 - Images began being included in the website. Initially at the top of each aircraft page and now using the Aircraft Gallery.

08/2003 - Jan Herivel submitted our website to the National Library of Australia for inclusion in the PANDORA digital archiving project.

12/2003 - Our website received an average of 472 visitors a day for 2003.

02/2004 - We received written permission to use Royal Australian Air Force Official Imagery in our gallery.

12/2004 - Our website received an average of 765 visitors a day for 2004. Available space is 400mb.

02/2005 - Phil Thompson, in conjunction with several members of the team, designed a logo used to represent the ADF-Serials Team.

12/2005 - Our website received an average of 671 visitors a day for 2005.

01/2006 - One of our team members Len Avery, was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for the preservation and documentation of the history of Australian Army aviation.

12/2006 - Our website received an average of 930 visitors a day for 2006. Available space is 600mb.

11/2006 - We register our new domain of to operate alongside .

12/2008 - A massive Update to the website begins with a transformation that sees one website becomes 3. ,  and . The total website space available is now 6.6gb.

02/2009 - After a month offline our messageboard is back on the new domain of

10/2011 - Brendan Cowan & Martin Edwards supported by the rest of the team commence a major upgrade of the site's layout, look and feel.

23/11/2011 - domain is registered and immediately goes live as the new home of our New Zealand content.

30/04/2012 - ADF Serials Facebook Page and Face book Group launched.

12/05/2013 - Martin Edwards loads up our 20,000th photo to the Image Gallery.

05/2013 - Nelson Little (AKA "Blackcat") produces our new and logos.

12/2016 - Martin Edwards loads up our 30,000th photo to the Image Gallery.

02/2017 The Face Book Group members have provided thousands of images that need saving in our image gallery. Kas Grigonis has joined to help with this.


Page Authors: Brendan Cowan and Martin Edwards

Page Updated 1st March 2020


It is our policy to only show historical events, no current operational information will be displayed on this website.
 "The ADF-Serials & NZDF-Serials team give permission to use the content of this page, excluding images, providing that it contains an acknowledgement to the ADF-Serials team and any other listed sources."