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Copyright on all images on the website remain with the contributor.

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Use of information and/or images for commercial use must be obtained in writing from the ADF-Serials & NZDF-Serials Team before use, and the website acknowledged as the source.

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The ADF-Serials & NZDF-Serials websites, are privately operated and maintained website, is not associated with the Australian Defence Force (ADF), New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) or any other Australian or New Zealand Government Department. The Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces do not supply, approve or endorse any of the information contained on the ADF-Serials or NZDF-Serials website.

Permission has been obtained for the inclusion of information and/or images obtained from sources such as the ADF and is clearly acknowledged on the website.

The ADF-Serials & NZDF-Serials websites havev been established for historical research purposes only and is provided by researchers for other researchers and individuals to access. Therefore ADF-Serials does NOT, and will NOT, comment on current ADF or NZDF operations, nor provide information on such.

Although every care has been taken when compiling this information, some of it may be incomplete or incorrect. The ADF-Serials & NZDF-Serials Team and its contributors disclaim any liability in relation to the information, errors or omissions contained herein. As with any research, information obtained from this site should be verified with additional source material.

THe ADF-Serials & NZDF-Serials websites have a responsibility to protect our contributors from those who would plagiarise their material and therefore our policy is to take action where we believe that theft of our data has taken place.

The ADF-Serials & NZDF-Serials Team welcomes any corrections or additional information.

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(The ADF Serials Team thank Jan Herivel, Dean Norman and Grahame Higgs for taking the time to develop this copyright and disclaimer notice.)

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