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The information contained on this website is taken from many sources, including; books, letters, memories and of course documents.

Documents in nearly all cases are the most accurate source of information we have, but sometimes they are not always so acurate. We need to re-check and cross reference every bit of information we get.

Documents through official sources are not always easy to get, nor are they cheap. Sources such as Crew Logbooks, Aircraft Logs, Unit Logs, Letters, Photographs and information already researched and put together by other people are therefore not always easy to come by for our group of volunteers.

Below is an example of an Aircrew Log, it is a page from the logbook of Flt Sgt Clifford Grove. This logbook copy was kindly passed to us by Steve Wells and has been of great help in putting together a history of some of these aircraft and crew.

Image result for Flt Sgt "Clifford Grove" ADF-Serials

Below is an example of an RAAF Status Card, this one being for the short service of VH-USU with the RAAF and 3 Comms Unit. RAAF Historical produce these cards on CD and sell them. However for aircraft recently out of service these record cards go away with the aircraft and their new owners. We are lacking service information for more modern aircraft.

Image result for VH-USU RAAF Status Card

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