Australian, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea Military Aircraft Serials & History

RAAF Series 2
1934 to 1961

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The second series of type allocations beginning in 1934.

Aircraft History Page Image Gallery Aircraft History Page Image Gallery
A1 - Hawker Demon Highlight for Album: Hawker Demon A1-15 A2 - Supermarine Seagull V and Walrus Highlight for Album: Walrus HD874

A3 - Commomwealth Aircraft Corporation
CAC CA-2/CA-6 Wackett Trainer

Earlier used  for
A3 de Havilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide (became A33)

Highlight for Album: Wackett A3-200 A4 - Avro 652 Anson  
A4-1 to A4-48         K8713 to W2660

AW451 to VM375    Article XV Sqns (RAF Serials)

Earlier used for
A4 Tugan/Wackett Gannet (became A14)

Highlight for Album: Anson A4-28
A5 - Westland Wapiti IA & IIA Westland Wapiti
A5-22 A6 - Avro 643 Cadet AVRO 643 Cadet A6-17
A7 - de Havilland D.H.60 Moth Series Highlight for Album: DH.60X Cirrus Moth 
A7-7 A8 - Bristol Blenheim (Not taken up)

(Also A8 - de Havilland DH.50.A in Series 1)


Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV
A8 - DAP Bristol 156 Beaufighter Highlight for Album: Beaufighter A8-173 A9 - DAP & Bristol 152 Beaufort

A9-1 to A9-100         A9-101 to A9-200
A9-201 to A9-300    A9-301 to A9-400
A9-401 to A9-500    A9-501 to A9-600

A9-601 to A9-700    A9-701 to A9-746 & 1001

A9 - Bristol Bolingbroke (Not taken up)

Highlight for Album: Beaufort A9-102
A10 - de Havilland D.H.50A

A10 - Curtis P-40 Kittyhawk
(Not Taken up - Allocated A29 instead)

De Havilland D.H.50A 
Point Cook 1923
Photo via Ken Rowland A11 - Taylorcraft Auster Mk.3, Mk.V & Mk.6 Highlight for Album: Auster A11-41
A12 - Bristol Bulldog 11A Bristol Bulldog 
Photo via Ken Rowland A13 - Link Trainer Highlight for Album: Link Trainer A13-114
A14 - Tugan/Wackett Gannet Highlight for Album: Wackett Gannet A14-3 A15 - Miles M.14 Magister Miles Magister A15-1 
RAAF Official 
via Brendan Cowan
A16 - Lockheed Hudson Highlight for Album: Hudson A16-12 A17 - de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth

A17-1 to A17-300    A17-301 to A17-600
A17-601 to A17-965    RAF Serials
RAN Service

Highlight for Album: DH82A Tiger Moth A17-640
A18 - Short S.25 Sunderland (Not Taken Up) &

A18 - Short S.23 Empire Flying Boat

Highlight for Album: Empire Flying Boat A18-10 A19 - Bristol 156 Beaufighter (UK) Highlight for Album: Beaufighter A19-43
A20 - Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation
CAC Wirraway

A20-1 to A20-100         A20-101 to A20-200
A20-201 to A20-300    A20-301 to A20-400
A20-401 to A20-500    A20-501 to A20-600

A20-601 to A20-700    A20-701 to A20-772

Highlight for Album: Wirraway A20-664 A21 - de Havilland D.H.94 Moth Minor Moth Minor A21-38 VH-AIB still flying Goolwa S.A. Photo Provided by Owner Stephen Jenkins
A22 - Fairey Battle

K7575 to K9486     L4941 to L5798
N2027 to N2256    P2157 to P6762
R3924 to R7385     V1201 to V1277
Instructional Airframes
Highlight for Album: Fairey Battle K9324 A23 - Commonwealth Aircaft Corporation
CA-4 Wackett Bomber
CA-11 Woomera
CA-11 Woomera Bomber A23-1 
A24 - Consolidated PBY Catalina Highlight for Album: Unknown Catalinas A25 - Airspeed AS.10 Oxford

P6878 to X8606   
AP427 to LX193
P8606 & AP461

Highlight for Album: Oxford BM704
A26 - Boeing B-17E Flying Fortress
(Not taken up)
Highlight for Album: B-17E 41-2153

A26 - Short S.25 Sunderland


Highlight for Album: Sunderland A26-4
A27 - Vultee A-35A Vengeance Highlight for Album: Vengeance A27-14 A28 - Douglas A-20C Boston/Havoc Highlight for Album: Boston A28-78
A29 - Curtis P-40E/K/M/N Kittyhawk
The RAAF's First 25 P-40's    A29-1 to A29-163
A29-164 to A29-203    A29-204 to A29-389
A29-400 to A29-704    A29-800 to A29-1221
Tomahawks with RAF serials

Kittyhawks with RAF serials
Highlight for Album: Kittyhawk A29-91 A30 - Douglas DC-2, DC-3 & C-47 Highlight for Album: Douglas DC2 A30-8
A31 - de Havilland D.H.86A De Havilland DH.86A 
No.1 Air Ambulance Unit A32 - Percival Vega Gull Highlight for Album: Vega Gull A32-2
A33 - de Havilland D.H.89 Dragon Rapide

A3 - de Havilland D.H.89 Dragon Rapide

Dragon Rapide A33-1 A34 - de Havilland D.H.84 Dragon Dragon A34-92 
March 1997 
Photo Martin Edwards
A35 - Douglas Dolphin Highlight for Album: Douglas Dolphin A35-1 A36 - Fairchild 24R Highlight for Album: Fairchild A36-1
A37 - Miles M.2 Hawk, M.3D Falcon Six, M.3A Falcon Major & M.4 Merlin Highlight for Album: Miles M2 Hawk A37-5 A38 - Stinson Reliant

A38 - Stinson L-5

Highlight for Album: Stinson Reliant A38-1
A39 - Beechcraft 17 2A39-1-Laverton-1943 A40 - Cessna 165 C34 Airmaster EC-2A40-1
A41 - de Havilland D.H.83 Fox Moth Highlight for Album: Fox Moth A41-4 A42 - Lockheed 5 Vega D1-1A TF-2A42-1a
A43 - de Havilland D.H.90 Dragonfly

A43 - CAC Boomerang
(Not Taken up, Allocated A46 instead)

DH.90 Dragonfly
A43-1/VH-UXS A44 - Junkers G31 & Junkers W34 Junkers G31 A44-1
A45 - Ford Trimotor Highlight for album: Ford Trimotor A46 - CAC CA-12, CA-13 & CA-14 Boomerang Highlight for Album: Boomerang A46-200
A47 - North American B-25D/J Mitchell B-25D Mitchell 
2 Squadron, c.1944
via Mike Mirkovic. A48 - Vought-Sikorsky Kingfisher Kingfisher A48-8
A49 - Dornier DO-24K Highlight for album: Dornier Do.24 A50 - Ryan Trainer Highlight for Album: Ryan A50-23
A51 - Brewster Buffalo Brewster Buffalo A52 - de Havilland D.H.98 Mosquito Mosquitos 
A53 - Bell P-39D/F (inc P400) Airacobra Highlight for Album: P-39 "A53-12" A54 - Waco YQC-6 Waco YQC-6  A54-1 
Photo Ed Coates
A55 - Lockheed F-4 (P-38) Lightning Highlight for Album: Lockheed P38 Lightning A55-3 A56 - Republic Lancer Republic P-43A-1 Lancer A56-6.
1 A.P.U., Laverton, Sept., 1942.  
via Mike Mirkovic.
A57 - de Havilland DHA.G2 & EG-1 Glider ABP-DHA-Gliders A58 - Supermarine Spitfire Spitfire A58-315
A58-395 and others
RAAF Photo
A59 - Lockheed Ventura Highlight for Album: Ventura A59-67 A60 - Hawker Hurricane Hurricane V7476
A61 - Northrop Delta Northrop Delta A61-1 
RAAF Photo 
Via Brendan Cowan A62 - Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation
CAC CA-15 "Kangaroo"
A63 - Link Celestial Navigation Trainer Link CNT 02 A64 - Vultee Vigilant (Not taken up) Loaned USAAF Stinson O-49/L-1 Ambulance 41-18959. 
33 Squadron, New Guinea, c.1942, 
Via Mike Mirkovic
A65 - Douglas C-47 Dakota

(also covers C-49, C-50 and C-53)

Highlight for Album: Dakota A65-91 A66 - Avro 683 Lancaster Highlight for Album: Lancaster A66-1 (ED930)
A67 - Lockheed Lodestar Loaned Dutch C-60A-5 Lodestar 
37 Squadron, Coomalie Creek, c.1944
via Mike Mirkovic. A68 - NAA/CAC Mustang

A68-1 to A68-200   
A68-500 to A68-583
A68-600 to A68-813 & A68-1001

RAF Serials

Highlight for Album: Mustang A68-529
A69 - Curtis A-25A Shrike Curtiss Shrike A69-29
Photographed in USA
Never delivered to RAAF A70 - Martin Mariner PBM-3S Highlight for Album: Mariner A70-12
A71 - Noorduyn Norseman Highlight for Album: Noorduyn-Norseman-A71-4 A72 - Consolidated B-24D/J/L/M Liberator Liberator A72-92
A73 - Avro/GAF 694 Lincoln Mk.30/30A/31 Highlight for Album: Lincoln A73-41 A74 - Avro 685 York Avro York MW140
A75 - Percival P.28 Proctor A75-1 on display at Moorabbin Air Museum A76 Avro Tudor (Not Taken Up) Avro Tudor 
Mock up final stage
GAF photo via
Robert Nash
A76 - Boeing B-29A Washington Boeing Washington WW353 A77 - Gloster Meteor F.3/F.8/NF.11/T.7/U21A

Woomera Meteors
Highlight for Album: Meteor A77-15
A78 - de Havilland DH.100 Vampire (UK) Highlight for Album: Vampire A78-1 A79 - de Havilland DH.100 and DH.115 Vampire (Aust)

RAAF operated RAF Vampires, Malta 1952-1954
Highlight for Album: DH-Vampire A79-608
A80 - Sikorsky S-51 & Bristol 171 Sycamore

See also A91 - Bristol 171 Sycamore
A81 - Bristol 170 Freighter A81-1
RAAF photo 000-140-710
A82 - Vickers Viking Vickers Viking C.2 
34 Squadron, 
Woomera, c.1947, 
via Mike Mirkovic. A83 - de Havilland DH.103 Sea Hornet DH Sea Hornet TT213 
via Brendan Cowan
A84 - English Electric/GAF Canberra Highlight for Album: Canberra A84-236 A85 - Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation
CAC CA-22/CA-25 Winjeel
Winjeel A85-451
A86 - Hawker P.1081 (Not taken up) Hawker P1081 VX279 
via Brendan Cowan A87 - Vickers Valetta C1 (Not taken up) Vickers Valetta 
via Brendan Cowan
A88 - RFD Winged Target RFD Winged Target A89 - Lockheed Neptune Highlight for Album: Neptune A89-309
A90 - Percival P.50 Prince Percival Prince Mk.3 
34 Squadron
over Sth. Aust. 
Via Mike Mirkovic. A91 - Bristol 171 Sycamore Highlight for Album: Sycamore A91-1
A92 - GAF Jindivik Highlight for Album: Jindivik N11-522 A93 - GAF Pika Highlight for Album: Pika A93-2
A94 - Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation
CAC CA-26/CA-27 Sabre

CAC Sabres in Indonesian service
CAC Sabres in Malaysian service

Highlight for Album: Sabre A94-352 A95 - de Havilland Canada DHC.2 Beaver Highlight for Album: Beaver A95-205
A96 - Convair CV-440 Metropolitan Highlight for Album: Metropolitan A96-353 A97 - Lockheed C-130A/E/H/J Hercules Highlight for Album: Hercules A97-206
A98 - Cessna 180A/D/E Photograph of A98-150, by Fred Reus. Taken in Vietnam 1969/70. A99 - Hunting Percival P.84 Jet Provost Jet Provost
A100 - de Havilland Canada DHC.3 Otter Highlight for Album: Otter A100-390    

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